Natalie Rose, Founder of Live in Harmony, is responsible for driving forward the company’s ethos for innovation and development. The blend of courses and delivery, coupled with a real understanding of the planet and humanity will prove to be a successful and highly competitive proposition for the company in the future.

Prior to 2017, Natalie worked as a designer/project manager and has worked for entrepreneurs, start-ups and high profile individuals in Central London. Natalie started her career as an assistant courier designer for Alexander McQueen and later went onto style for Dazed & Confused and Wallpaper Magazine. She has a Masters in Design & Research and has written several research papers on AI, genetics and the future of humanity.

Over the course of her life, she has become increasingly concerned about the planet and humanity. After a trip to the Amazon Jungle doing animal conservation, she returned to the UK and decided to utilise her project management and design skills to deliver a company that works with the planet.

Natalie has travelled the globe, has cycled from London to Paris, raced in Belgium and Italy and cycled in the US. She also runs, climbs, horse-rides and participated in the 24-hour ‘Three Peaks Challenge’ for charity.