We are making it our mission to educate people in the art of living with the planet. In today's society, materialism and consumption dominate the lives of many. Therefore, we are introducing a range of courses that will help people develop their understanding of the environment and the animals so they can work towards creating a lifestyle, not only for their family, but also those around them and generations to come.

"In order to progress, we need to look at our past, present & future" Natalie Rose

We believe to move forward, it is imperative we study tried-and-tested methods. By doing so, we all have the ability to find solutions to problems. By combining key elements of the past, present and future, we can devise strategies which lead to future problem solving.

Everyone has the capability to produce their own fruit and vegetables, make their own clothes and even create their own energy. However, what with the internet and mobile technology, more and more people are becoming all to reliant on purchasing their goods and/or services online via their computers and smart phones. At LIH, we are about using both technology and traditional methods in order to strike a balance.